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Jeremy Rice-Why Do You Lie

Jeremy Rice-Why Do You Lie | A compelling case to dance

Jeremy Rice has quite the control on catchy radio airplay. It’s not that his songs are good, it’s because they’re too good. It should be illegal to have to bop your head through an entire album. With a name that sounds like a Bruce Lee film. Now, he brings his toasty warm voice back with Why Do You Lie.

All the sounds that a computer would aid a musician to make now, Jeremy Rice and crew do with live instruments. The beat and rhythm synthesized is a mix of rock and pop, leaning towards the storyteller’s side that Jeremy has resorted to. His music makes you want to jive, groove and all those other embarrassing dances people do in the shower. With such simplicity, Jeremy Rice graces the grooves of your digital vinyl to take you to the dance floor. This is an artist I would not mind seeing live, week after week, to unwind.

His 2019 album Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa blew the cap away on the indie charts. Everything had something to say and some kind of dance for the songs on that album. Taking his time with his craft, he chisels the most cocaine laced tracks you’ll hear, including Arriianne in 2019. That riff itself can conjure a pair of dance shoes. Don’t forget to carry them while listening to this young debonaire.

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