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Frank Bramble – Pain | The Carry On Song

Frank is a Birmingham/Leicester (UK) based producer who engulfs deep feelings into his songs. With a background of recording and mixing for local acts such as Space Toast and Dan Hewitt. Frank Bramble started writing his own music as a fresh start when he relocated to Birmingham. He is a natural when it comes to laidback hip-hop tracks and holds the listeners tight throughout his tracks. He fosters his rich musicality and experimentation by holding on to his unorthodox intertwining of an array of acoustic and synthetic elements. His music will surely leave you spellbound with amazement witnessing how beautifully he drives his tracks. With his seven singles, his discography is a rich experience of musicality and lyricism.

“Frank Bramble is one of the rising stars who is on the verge of shooting and emitting light that no one has ever seen”

Frank Bramble recently released his latest track which is named ‘Pain’ and as the name suggests is a bliss of feelings. The music compliments the track beautifully bringing an up tone to the track. The lyrics are catchy and the chorus is stuck in my head ever since I listened to the track. The detuned strings are like a sprinkle of sea salt on some delicious guacamole. The drums go hard and might leave you banging your head towards the end. I really love how the artist has put up such feelings in an upbeat song and still goes perfectly hand in hand. This one of those songs that will cheer you up and make you weep at the same time.

Listen to ‘Pain’ by Frank Bramble-

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