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Jake Caine-Marching Line
Jake Caine-Marching Line
Jake Caine-Marching Line

Jake Caine-Marching Line | A new foundation

Jake Caine might be a contemporary Johnny Cash. Tales are told, verses are sung. However, here we get a dose of this new reality, the one we live in. With a voice that can change with the dimension that it represents, this new piece of art holds its ground. Marching Line is Jake Caine’s latest single.

Entering only with finger style guitar, this phasing effect does quite the trick. As the volume pulsates, Jake Caine has the steady voice you immediately latch on to. From verse to chorus, his voice changes character. Barely straining at the high notes, the song changes character to a “pop” based beat, where Jake and his composition ride it out. A heartfelt tribute to the brave-hearted, this song is a good signature, with Caine’s fingerprint representing the dynamism of his work.

This is his first single, so expect more from this artist. Exploring sounds and maybe visiting the producers’ desk once in a while, the art is in control. What is put out by this artist might not only surprise you, but inspire you as well. Poetic lyrics and a keen ear for music is all you need. Songwriting talent of this magnitude won’t hurt either.

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