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arioso in red - dave mohan
arioso in red - dave mohan

Dave Mohan – Arioso in Red | Orchestral Bliss

Arioso in Red by Dave Mohan is the artist’s latest masterpiece composed of sparkling wavelengths of music. With every melodic curve, the artist delves into the subtleties of human consciousness and emotion. The artist is a singer and a fantastic composer who has been featured MPG radio.

The song begins with a whimsical and playful piano melody which is quickly joined by violin symphonies. The soprano vocals heaves and sighs gracefully, enveloping the song with a touching tenderness. The instrumental harmonies and articulations fills the mind with sprouting flowers, blossoming with fragile and soft passion.

While the vocals erect magnanimous arches in its wake, the piano melodies carve dainty structures into it and the violins embellish it with velvet curtains and gold eagles. The song possesses a timeless quality; with crown melodies mined from the pockets of the soul. As the tempo slows towards the middle, the song takes on an ethereal quality; oozing like honey passion and happy thoughts.

The artist paints a beautiful vivacious dream with golden emotions that streak across the mind. The delicious pain of experiencing a great happiness fleshes itself out of the vocals. Drenching the pauses of the mind, the orchestral symphony glows with the solemn vow of eternal bonds – sky and sea, sun and moon, dreams and hope, love and light, prayer and peace.

The violins reflects the protagonist’s heart – an iridescent and empathetic resonance; floating through the air like a lilting leaf in the autumn, the melody melts into the being irrevocably. The Arioso melodies dwells and lingers with lovely purpose like sweet cherry wine.

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