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horizon - ross freedman
horizon - ross freedman

Ross Freedman – Horizon | Serene Frequency

With his latest single Horizon, Ross Freedman has musically expounded the antique surrealism of serenity. Showcasing his love for blending instrumental melodies to magnify the listening experience, Horizon dissolves into the synapses of the mind.

The song begins with a combination of an airy synth melody and raw, unpretentious piano chords. The deep raspy-ness of the vocals carries a calming emotion that laces the song with a serene vibe. The synth layer rises to the surface between the verses, serenading the piano detail and infusing a tranquil frequency to the song.

As the song progresses, the artist uses the pleasantness of a chunky pizzicato string plucks to imbibe an oriental quality to the song. Epitomizing the calmness of staring at the horizon, as the sky leaks into the sea, the song glitters with delicious vulnerability. The music excites images of glittering oceans, pink horizon lines and orange clouds.

The artist uses conversational lyrics to nudge listeners to bet on themselves, not be too afraid of the demons underneath and broaden their horizons. The lilac melodies and vermilion vocals imprint the song’s message into the grooves of the mind. The song lightens the burden of worry and paints a promising picture of what is at the end of the tunnel.

The song creates colorful melodies using the MIDI piano, pizzicato strings, bass guitar, electric guitar, MIDI legato strings and woodwinds. With Freedman on the vocals, the song was recorded mixed, produced and mastered by Steve Dawson at Kernel Sound Emporium, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Horizon by Ross Freedman is available on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

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