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Sun Space – See The Light | Hopeful

Recently, the EDM band Sun Space released their brand-new single, “See The Light,” and it certainly fills us with optimism and positivity. We would adore being filled with such optimistic thoughts to start the day off on a high note. The music’s power lies in its purpose. Despite the synthetic blending in the sonic environment, the excellent writing and strong vocal delivery give the song a feeling of emotional intensity. Strong vocals and attention on crucial delivery points leave a lasting impression on us long after the song has ended. The listeners will undoubtedly love the bigger impact that the silences and gaps between the phrases have on our listening experience.

Speaking of the song’s production, it is bass-heavy and has several layers that brilliantly provide movement to the low end. I adored the bass lines because they made us feel the groove so strongly. The groove’s flawless tone and powerful rhythms would also truly energise us. The production does a great job of capturing the attitude of the song, which would effectively elicit the emotion the words convey. The balance of each layer in the song has received a lot of consideration, and everything works together so well. I’m confident that when people listen to the song, they will develop a sense of self-belief that will have a significant influence on them.

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