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Xavier Bernazard-Restart
Xavier Bernazard-Restart
Xavier Bernazard-Restart

Xavier Bernazard-Restart | Atomic powerhouse

Xavier Bernazard is a talented artist that is constantly breaking their mold. This is their second single from 2022, after Enemy. With infectious, catchy choruses that are definite earworms to little flourishes in each track that show the effort they put in, Xavier aims for quality. This is their latest single, Restart.

Restart has an electronica, mellow intro that is unassuming. It tries to serve as a soft opening for what is Xavier’s melodic and simple voice. Adept at building toward the chorus, the track is conducted beautifully towards the cascading crash of the main chorus. The chords echo in slowly, offsetting this artist’s voice with compassion yet strong resolve. The tone complements towards the chorus, the distorted punk rock guitar sound with Xavier’s voice balancing the highs.

Their tracks have always looked at a sine curve of crests and troughs. The sound is really harnessed as potential energy before it escapes. This allows for an explosive landing, every time. Flourishes peek through in parts of the verse the second time around as well. From Anastasis, their 2021 EP, there is a lot of build towards a cathartic, yet energetic and unique sound. Might not be the sign to restart, but this momentum is exemplary.

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