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Elohim Tired all the Time
Elohim Tired all the Time

Tired All The Time – Elohim | Dystopian Reckoning

Elohim is the latest single by Washington D.C. experimental rockers Tired All The Time or TATT. Tired All The Time (a universally relatable name) uses pharmaceutical corporate language and aesthetics as a satirical anti-theme. The band includes Chief Operations Officer Edward Barakauskas (drums), Lead Executive Strategist M. Richard Talley (vocals/synth), and Head of Research and Development Brian Miller (bass). Miller and Talley also serve the roles of recording, production, engineering, and mixing the song to meet their vision with justice.

Elohim is a Hebrew word for god, the gods in the song begin the ruling classes. The song begins with reverberating lead notes over a simple drum beat. The delayed verse arrangement with the laid-back dreamlike vocals sounds blissful. The band makes reference to the deceitful optimism of the 90s. However, three decades down the line we see the culmination of this misplaced illusion where technology and resources only serve the few who have accumulated wealth on the backs of humanity. The post-punk band combines genres like neo-psychedelia, noise rock, and sludge rock with great tact which is also seen in their prolific discography.

The single cover of Elohim artwork depicts a deformed earth creating the dystopian pop setting. Tired All The Time makes use of a new wave and synth rock production and arrangement. With the appropriate use of reverbs, it transports you to a feeling of helpless doom. Thus, the song manages to become a dystopian hymn and reflection on the state of the world. “You send your kids to space While we’re down here in our graves” are golden lyrics that stay with you and hopefully propel us to organize against this madness.

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