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Connor Terrones – Drown | Prog Symphony

Connor Terrones has loved music for as long as he can remember, he grew up in a household where he constantly listened to The Beatels. Connor has always sensed an attraction towards music in his teenage years when he started studying the music by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and many other great ’70’s rock artists. In the later years that followed, Connor Terrones developed a taste for funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul artists. Connor Terrones currently fuses all his influences making his own style. His tracks have deep rooted musicality engraved in them which is clearly visible.

Connor Terrones recently released his new single which is his second track and is named ‘Drown’. I was astonished to witness such professional musicality and tonality being his second track. He weaves passion into his music making his track deeply connect with the masses. The vocals are super smooth yet impactful. The music beautifully compliments his vocals making this track a masterpiece. The track ‘Drown’ is a musical rollercoaster that takes my heart up and down the curve smoothly delivering the most impact. The drums are innovative and spellbinding making the listener lose themselves in the rhythm. The melodies are ecstatically hypnotic that binds the listener’s mind which is remarkable.

This is a track that will surely fill your heart with deep emotions that are hard to express in words. The music will surely have you rocking your head with joy throughout.

Listen to ‘Drown’ by Connor Terrones-

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