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MDK FLA – ZEROTIME | Electro Thrash

ZEROTIME is part of the latest trilogy of innovative albums by Fort Myers, Florida-based producer Matthew Cobis better known as MDK FLA. Chaotic Good and the extremely experimental BlackStar were albums exisiting in multiples spaces of rock, hip-hop, and dance music. The theme of the album is on the end of the world. Let’s get into each track as we ride this inventive electronic thrash record.

The album begins with alejandro with thrash metal and electronic goodness combined. We have galloping rhythm and riffs with experimental vocals added which have a doppler effect. The electronic music infused guitars, noise rock production elements, and headbanging groove is an apt entry into the album. The second track Celerity continues the thrash fest with down-picked riffs and loud snares which remind you of James Hetfield and Lars. We also get some Megadeth Holy Grail feelers in the middle section of the song. Renegade begins with distorted radio noises which soon transition into reverb drenched vocals and a simple beat. We get to hear electronic beats which get you into the groove with appropriate use of space base effects and muted guitars. The title track begins with vocal chopping and other chillhop elements. However, soon soothing vocals and thick riffs commence the proper song. We get to hear some stunning vocal layering and reverb production on this song. This is combined with electronic rock arrangements done with tact.

Thirty-3, the fifth song, begins with some boxy riff and straight metal grooves. In the latter half, we hear some electronic production which sound otherworldly. Same Daze is a trippy song with cyber beats and a triphop aesthetic. As the song progresses it transitions into rock with electronic elements. Glutton of Kyiv begins with mad laughter followed by a rapid riff. The riff transitions into chord power riffage with a fuzzy tone which sounds like the amp is pushed to its limits. The rhythmic groove drums and tight riffing keeps you engaged while the vocal parts on this pushes it in the direction of experimentation. Omina is a song that exists in the industrial rock zone with pop beats in the intro. The meaty riffs and looming vocals make this a song that lingers in the alternative rock territory.

Last Line has a filtered riff which moves to electronic string sounds. We get to hear some spoken word vocal chops along with the other arrangement aspects. Mission has an interesting rhythmic structure. Rap verses greet us to the canvass of the arrangement followed by metal riffing goodness. Rippin’ starts with a light clean guitar intro with muted guitar riffs. We hear some cool production elements moving to an electronic chillwave song. This is a calm clean almost ambient song. Production on this song transports you to another world with its flute melodic parts. The album ends with On the Wing with its characteristic straight drum groove. Some interesting vocal and harmonic effects are applied to make you listen more. Muted guitar riffs followed by digital riffs and other trap-type rhythmic phrases make it an optimum conclusion to the record.

MDK FLA uses his three-minute song length to make sure that every song is crisp to listen to in the album. Riffs that combine guitars with electronic synths make this a unique audio experience. FLA’s use of vocals and other noise and digital production is now a signature style of his. This is a proper rock and metal LP with heavy drums, rapid and fast riffs that will get your blood pumping. ZEROTIME is an electronic thrash rock and metal extravaganza which will get you headbanging and dancing.

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