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Giondamix – Non è sempre stato così
Giondamix – Non è sempre stato così

Giondamix – Non è sempre stato così | Cathartic Expression

From the land of Domenico Modugno, comes Giondamix who is a singer-songwriter (cantautore) and guitarist who produces his own music. His latest release Non è sempre stato così (It wasn’t always like this) is a rock song that tells about the first experience of a panic attack. It’s always a joy listening to Italian music, having grown on artists like Laura Pausini, Giorgio Vanni, Andrea Bocelli, and Antonello Venditti.

The song begins with a static note and richly recorded acoustic riff. The acoustic rhythm and the vocals form a reflective mood about the past. The prechorus lyrically and musically build up the sense of the impending panic. The chorus with its lush production and stunning layering recreates the state of stress when the attack finally comes in. Giondamix describes the experience as walking on glass among other things.

Giondamix paints vivid imagery with his songwriting on mental health flares. The lyrics initially paint the state of endless days without whys and when thunderstorms and water in glasses seemed like poetry. And then when it is least expected you feel like a background in the shadow of reality. The heart goes wild and you’re out of breath. If someone is with you through it’s great. In the end it’s a runaway train you can’t stop and you get one more day to live.

When Giondamix sings “ti manca il respiro”, he does emote that emotional breathlessness. The song is mastered by veteran producer Lorenzo Piscopo of Seven Circles Studio, Florence. The production and arrangement which is light in the verses and energetic in the chorus really manages to create an aura. Non è sempre stato così by Giondamix is an acoustic rock song that puts emotions to music and words with tact and mind reminiscent of Jeff Buckley.

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