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Kit Citrine - Stardust
Kit Citrine - Stardust

Kit Citrine – Stardust | Beyond Ends

After their anthemic debut single Midnight Masquerade, Kit Citrine gives us an emotional spirited ballad with Stardust. Kit has been part of the entertainment industry for more than 25 years. They debuted on stage at age six at a production of The Wizard of Oz. They have been part of many concerts and has performed for the Davis Cup in the past. The song is entirely DIY from the artwork to the production and mixing. Citrine’s music emerges from struggle to give a musical dialogue to experiences that could be related to the life of many people.

Stardust begins with piano chords to the background of a sustained harmony. Vocal harmonies work very well in the chorus. The lyric that states that love persists eternally together even when reduced to atoms depicts great songwriting imagery. The song is dedicated by Citrine to their partner. The song is written without gender roles, gendered terms, and specific third-person pronouns. Relationships that transcend the logic of practical finiteness is something that is expressed in the thematic tapestry of the lyrics.

Sucrose emotiveness is interpreted to a captivating delivery in the song. Harmonies, percussions, string sections, and of course Citrine’s stunning vocals ensure that we have technical finesse on the song. Broadway pop singing which is a signature style of Citrine is prominent in this track as well. The Orlando vocalist with her roots in broadway-style weaves a mesmerizing love ballad that attempts to forge new expressive frontiers. Stardust is the second track from Citrine’s autobiographical album Midnight Masquerade which explores wide-ranging emotions and experiences.

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