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Emanuele Vascon – Estate |

Emanuele Vascon is a multitalented pianist, singer-songwriter and a producer who is recognized for his unique vocal textures. He played the piano for some Venetian festivals such as “The Conservatory’s Saturdays” and “Simultaneo Ensemble”, also performing in chamber ensembles. He is also a piano and keyboard teacher for various music schools where he hands over his legacy to the next generation. Intertwining pop and rock music, Emanuele Vascon has discovered his own style where he portrays a vivid sense of versatility through his tracks.

Emanuele Vascon recently released a full sized album called ‘Nonostante tutto’ which is a masterpiece in itself. There was this particular track that caught my utmost attention and it’s named ‘Estate’. This is a perfect summer track which you would love to hear while kicking back on a beach on a Friday evening. The track is not only melodically sound but also smooth and calming. The melodies are deep and will surely make your soul dance along. The strings are innovative and perfectly compliment the vibe of the track. The track is full of surprising musical elements which will leave you spellbound. The song goes up and down like a rollercoaster making it one of the most enjoyable tracks I’ve heard in a while. The track is laid back yet powerful. The way Emanuele Vascon beautifully carries the song is remarkable.

This is a track you should surely listen to. This is something that no one should miss out on.

Listen to ‘Estate’ by Emanuele Vascon-

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