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Syd Caldera – Double Life | Delusional Reality

Double Life by Syd Caldera is the first song in her brand new album titled Lofi Selzer Revolution Summer. She is an NYC artist with Oklahoma roots whose songs are influenced by her love for acoustic guitar, 90s drums and bass lines. Double Life explores the loneliness that comes with discovering the gap between your illusions and perceptions of reality and the objective reality. The protagonist attempts to deceive and delude herself but can no longer keep it up. 

A slow drum groove progression begins the song and is followed by cymbal beats and synth melodies floating through it. With unpretentious vocals and intermittent musical pulses, the song beautifully develops layers as it continues into the chorus. The chorus is characterized by more drum and cymbal work that upgrades the tempo. The melody from the verse is layered under the drum beats, dwelling in crevices between beats and adding significant depth to the song. We also see some quick drum and guitar transitions within the chorus that periodically lends the song some altitude. 

With a pulsing synth tune adjusting the tempo, the song continues into the second verse. The artist also uses musical echos to shadow her sultry voice and gracefully reduce the tempo. The sensual voice drips through the song and bounces of the soft melody in the verses. 

Double Life by Syd Caldera is a balancing act that moves back and forth between fractured realities in the protagonist’s mind. With alluring vocals, slow drum groove and glowing melodies, Double Life makes for a great listening experience. 

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