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Marth – Can’t Keep Choosing You | Extremely Infectious

Marth’s music is not just another band—it’s a way of life.

Marth has loved music ever since he was a little boy. His father, a session musician and music instructor, introduced him to a range of genres, including Carlos Santana, Frank Zappa, and Beethoven. These encounters influenced Marth’s outlook on music. He integrates these influences with his love for hip-hop to create something fresh and different. At the age of eight, he found a feature on his Gameboy Camera game, and from that moment on, he realized he was fascinated. Marth developed his musical skills at several conservatories later in life before being well-known at music festivals including Boomtown Fair in the UK, Utcazene Festival in Hungary, Oerol in the Netherlands, and tiger-tops (CH).

Marth has come up with a new single ,‘Can’t Keep Choosing You.’ The vocals are catchy, there is so much going on in this song, and it feels just suitable for the summer season! The beats are absolutely fantastic! A diverse variety of sounds that all come together so smoothly to keep things interesting. Every sound comes in and out most unexpectedly and gives off this high-energy vibe that makes your feet want to move even more! The music is playful and peppy with a hint of funkiness, making it more exciting. The rhythm, instrumentation, and production are top-notch, giving it a natural lift. In this song, the vocals are what shine. They piece together with the music to form one single blanket of sound that weaves itself into your soul. With its multi-genre fusion, ‘Can’t Stop Choosing You’ in collaboration with Mr Weazley is infectious and effortless to listen to while still sounding trendy, creative, and professional.

Enjoy listening to ‘Can’t Keep Choosing You’ here.

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