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ICEBERG – Swim | Across the Sea Rocks

ICEBERG is a US-born multi-instrumentalist and producer who before moving to upstate New York was based in London where she had founded Glassnote Productions. With her sophomore release Swim, she creates a captivating indie pop rock song. ICEBERG was previously a touring artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her debut collaboration with Twan managed to create a great buzz. Berg has been co-writer for X-Factor winner Matt Terry, and an engineer and female vocalist for Aston Microphones.

The song Swim has minimal percussion with light guitars and mesmerizing lush vocals. As we reach the halfway mark, the song picks up with a relatively major build-up. The vocal layering and harmonies sound ethereal in combination with the reverby instrumental arrangement. The song befits its artwork with waves crashing into a beach rock in a monochrome colour palette. Just like how most of the icebergs are under the surface, ICEBERG creates music by channeling some of the innermost emotions. With her wealth of experience in the music industry, her every release brings something fresh.

The songwriting on Swim displays the inner sentiments which are translated into enchanting vocals. The austere arrangement of the track appeals to the senses and the mind. All the while this is a song that you would listen to on repeat to feel the essence of its emotional core. Production and technical aspects work to create a musical narrative that converses with the spirit. Swim by ICEBERG is a remarkable indie pop and rock ballad which truly makes a mark on the listener.

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