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Rose Spearman – Aquarius | Melodic Symphony

Rose Spearman is a Dutch American singer/songwriter who weaves magic into her music through her mesmerizing vocals. She is known for her innovative approach towards music. She made her debut in 2007 with her breathtaking album called ‘Livin’ It’. Her discography is a vivid display of beauty containing 15 singles and 2 full length albums. She intertwines soothing musicality with thoughtful lyrics executed beautifully through her heartfelt vocals.

Rose Spearman recently released a new single called ‘Aquarius’ which is a bliss of melodies. The track starts off with a beautiful melody complimented by syncopated drums that caresses the soul. The vocals are crystal clear and elevates the body and mind when perfectly mixed with the calm yet responsive music. The melodies are complex yet stick on to the head making it hard to break through the deep trance. The subtle acoustic guitars used in the track takes this track a mile ahead of it’s time. The track will surely leave you nodding to the beat half way through. The track is the perfect example of how ambient music can be beautifully combined soothing vocals.

Rose Spearman has never disappointed her listeners by experimenting with her music constantly making her tracks deeply engaging. Her innovative way of holding down the listener throughout the track using several surprise musical elements in her music is remarkable.

“Rose Spearman is a magician when it comes to musicality and heart felt vocals”

‘Aquarius’ by Rose Spearman is a track that should not be missed out by anyone. Listen to the track-

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