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Violet Raymoor-Ігри в Алісу
Violet Raymoor-Ігри в Алісу
Violet Raymoor-Ігри в Алісу

Violet Raymoor-Ігри в Алісу | Through mystical foes

Some of the biggest cultural exports come from Europe. Violet Raymoor is a hidden gem, who are bringing out their music with more energy than ever. They’re a Ukrainian band who have channeled their love for music and folklore with their creations. The latest is Ігри в Алісу, which translates to Playing Alice. It is a re-release of the track with the same name from their 2016 album Chapter One; Still Playing Dragons.

I heard his 2016 album as a full length masterpiece that it is. With the translations of lyrics available done by Google, I was impressed by the kind of visual poetry Violet Raymoor was creating with their tracks. Of folklore, fables and foes-the music meanders through topics of interest to all nerds on a global level. Their re-release is a remastered take of the single, with encapsulated energy becoming more relevant now than ever.

With the stage of chaos that is ensuing in Ukraine, Violet’s track searches for energy and draws meaning from mania. It is a hard rock track with a metal opening. With an ocean of string and guitar sounds, the melodic baritone still tears through the arrangement. This powerful track is a reminder of one of their best works, that holds to this day. Listen to the continuation album, Chapter Two: Faces Under Masks to really absorb the colossal energy from their music.

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