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MDK FLA – BlackStar
MDK FLA – BlackStar

MDK FLA – BlackStar | Electro Rock Motion Picture

Fort Myers, Florida-based artist Matthew Cobis aka MDK FLA has a musical cinematic in store for listeners with his latest LP BlackStar. It is hard to believe that the ace electronic artist has been making music since just about 2 years. With little music background, he has produced some impressive work that will keep you awestruck. His last two albums Chaotic Good and ZEROTIME travel the spaces of EDM, dance, hip-hop, rock, and metal. With BlackStar we get a prolific album which threads through rock, dance electronica, and EDM.

The album begins with the title track which has some stunning cascading multi-note intro. We also get to hear some impressive production on this track setting the vibe for the album. The second track Façade features some well-performed vocals. The track makes use of an interesting vocal effect setting the tone for further experimentation in the album. The Sun Also Rises makes use of vocals to establish hummable hooks. We soon realize the intricate nature of the song prodution by MDK FLA and recurring musical motifs which keep you engaged in this unpredictable track.

Huxley’s Door starts with some chiming string elements and later proceeds into a groovy muted guitar rhythm. We get to hear some interesting usage of guitar riffs and licks bringing in a funky blues vibe to the track. The mood on the tracks gets changed towards the outro as we hear some synths and vocals changing the mood from rock to electronic pop. Lies begins with a classical synth keys intro and soon moves into a pop-funk beat with vocal harmonies. We again get to hear some tasty use of guitars. This track has nightclub vibe to it.

Eye of the Centerfold begins with a classic glam metal riff soon settling into a cozily phrased rhythm. This is a straight rock n roll track that will keep you enthralled. Vixen begins with tight vocals and an ambiant synth canvass that would keep you transfixed. The song moves to spoken verses which eases into some EDM arrangements as the track fades out. Impervious makes use of eastern flutes and electronic synths which keep you guessing as to where this song will head next. This is an incredibly innovative track with the sheer diversity of musical elements in a short span of three minutes being mesmerizing. After the cerebral experience, MDK FLA gives us Look to the Sky which is a laid-back song. Making the right use of synths, electronic beats, and vocals for textural effect, this is a sensuous number to relax to.

Thirst Trap begins with a harp-like rhythm followed by recurring organ riffs. This soon transitions to guitars and soothing vocal harmony. We get some application of field folk sounds and rhythmic patterns which will make you imagine the joyful aspects of life. Roughnet Scout is a piano riff-laden song with synths that explore a busy sound. Hey Baby Baby gives us a vintage rock vibe with modern funk beats and riveting vocal performances. Stuck In Love is a soul track with a modern electronic arrangement with funk aspects. This song has a 90 electronic pop sound to it. The album concludes with Soulburn, a sober relaxing harmonic ending to an enthralling journey into edm rock mastery.

BlackStar is an intriguing experimental work that lies in the space between electronic rock and EDM. Highlights of the album are Impervious, Eye of the Centerfold, Roughneck Scout, Thirst Trap, and Huxley’s Door. Mastered by Joe P of 2TrackMastering, MDK FLA creates a stunning aural portrait. The album is quite instrumental but makes use of vocals as another harmonic element rather than the main melodic part. Each song averages about three minutes and with 14 tracks, we are kept compelled by the sonic diversity on the record. The album which is about 44 minutes long explores a wide array of sounds and genres. BlackStar is the album to spin if you wanna go on an exhilarating journey to all the musical enchantment MDK FLA has to offer.

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