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Doll Riot-Doll Riot
Doll Riot-Doll Riot
Doll Riot-Doll Riot

Doll Riot-Doll Riot | An enterprise of chaos

Remember the years when Hole tore the carpet off the male dominated grunge scene? Their songs were catchy, relevant and so undeniably rocking, they made their way to the Billboard charts. Doll Riot may not be on your Spotify daily mix yet, but that is soon going to change. This is their self-titled EP, Doll Riot. Fall in love with Barbie hot pink again.

There’s a good chance that the hair on your back will singe by this fast paced rock. From a post-punk, alt-grunge era, they make intensely catchy tracks with a spine shaking playlist. Their EP starts with 300 Years, a powerful track with the energy that the ironical image forces perception change. Drums crashing, a killer riff and the Ramones chord changes make sure you’re kept diving into this track for the whole duration. Talk about speeding tickets while this is playing, you’re sure to rack up quite the number.

The riffs drive you home

Paresthesia is the second track, and the meaning is quite contextual. You should have felt your skin tingle with this dark, hard rock riff that makes its debut. The verse section also follows the same style of delivery, just isolated. The women fail to miss their mark, with the track turning into intense build-ups and chorus explosions. For the duration of this track if you aren’t found headbanging, you don’t love this genre. Hang up your denim and leather and leave.

Fuck You is the breakup track that badasses make. With crunchy and fuzz infused guitar riffs ruling the soundboard, these superstars make their talent very known. Though the tracks get progressively shorter, so do they get more intense. What keep me hooked to this song are the lyrics, so make sure you’re listening with intent.

If you say to me Doll Riot are not onto something as big as I predict, you’re wrong. They might not be popular or in the mainstream-but they are true rockstars for the tracks they make. From the depths of an ironed out genre now, they seem to be flipping everyone the bird. Thankfully, they’re just getting started.

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