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Sub Violet - After You
Sub Violet - After You

Sub Violet – After You | Blazing Horizons

Scotting alternative rock band Sub Violet present us with a spectacular song with their latest single After You. Sub Violet consists of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ewan McCunn, lead guitarist Joe McDonald, and bassist Matthew Carson. McDonald hails from Edinburgh while McCunn and Carson are from Motherwell, where the band is based.

After You takes no time to get you into the groove. The drum fill when the vocal verses begin and punctuate every line. The lead guitar riff, the hook you’ll recollect, over the vocals makes sure the stunning arrangement takes precedence and not only the vocals. The second chorus takes the harmonizing and other production elements to the next level. The song is stunningly produced at Glasgow studio 45 A-Side Recordings. Sub Violet really knock it out of the park!

Sub Violet is influenced by artists like Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Amazons, Sam Fender, Oasis, and Arctic Monkeys. As the song progresses, the sonic canvass gets fuller and more grand in its scope. The arpeggiated guitar rhythm during the verses and the tight drumming ensures the song keeps you on guard. After You is a blazing alt-rock track that looks beyond the horizon.

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