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Adri-Anne Ralph – Follow You Anywhere | Chaotic Composure

Adri-Anne Ralph is an artist who has made a name with her soothing vocals, infused with her inspirations from R&B, Classic Soul, and Pop. She started polishing her vocal abilities at the tender age of 14, singing standards at Jazz clubs in Victoria, Canada. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California where she resides with her husband and son.

She is deeply loved for the strong messages that she imparts from her music. She blows life into her creations which are mostly fusions of R&B, Pop, subtle songwriting and smooth vocals.

Adri-Anne Ralph has recently released her latest single called ‘Follow You Anywhere’ which is a successor of 5 singles and a full length album. The track mesmerizingly caresses the listener’s heart throughout the song. ‘Follow You Anywhere’ is a perfect collision of trap, R&B and pop complimented beautifully by Adri-Anne’s soothing yet impactful vocals. The track has unique therapeutic attributes tied to it. Drum rolls are innovative and binds the listener’s mind. The track is structurally strong and holds great potential. Adri-Anne Ralph has always surprised me with something new and the subtle inclusion of trap in the track holds that up beautifully. The melodies are addictive and ecstatic which keeps playing in your mind once you’ve herd the track. The song is a prefect combination of strong composition and subtle lyricism.

“Adri-Anne Ralph is bound to break all the charts soon and that day isn’t far away.”

Listen to this masterpiece by Adri-Anne Ralph-

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