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STØNEWÅX – The Great Harmonic Convergence Ft. Roman MC

STØNEWÅX is an experimental artist/producer who seeks sonic worlds separated from the ordinary one. Deep in the exploration of sound and rhythms, this post-genre flow-seeking beat maker has launched a new kind of project which has never been seen before. STØNEWÅX (AKA Steve Summers) is a record producer based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Roman MC is an independent emcee/vocalist from Brisbane, Australia who combines the elements of hip hop, reggae, soul and funk in his unique, often-improvised style of hip-hop.

STØNEWÅX has recently released a collaborative single with Roman MC which is truly somethin out of the world which is called ‘The Great Harmonic Convergence’. The track is innovatively extraterrestrial. The way Roman MC glides through all the uninterpretable time signatures is just amazing. The music takes you high and low with equal energies. The music is innovative and something you would get stuck on if you’re on some substance. The music takes you on a harmonic trip swirling you around with the ecstatic melodies. The selection of musical elements is right on point. In a sense, the song is way too hypnotic. The vocals are heavily processed yet crystal clear. The song will surely have you doing your ‘Power Dance’. The song is full of energy and something that will be played in every rave. Smoothly incorporating the elements of Hi-Tech, Electronic music, Hip-Hop, the artists have projected a super-powerful track.

Listen to ‘The Great Harmonic Convergence’ by STØNEWÅX and Roman MC-

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