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Mark Rosal – Holy | Sacred Love – 

Hailing from Lake Country in British Columbia, Canada singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Rosal gives us a charming acoustic folk rock song with Holy. While Mark Rosal had an invigorating rock song in his song 7:43, Holy is more in-the-moment yet sentimental and expressive. He writes songs on topics of self-reflection such as personal journeys and growth, human bonds, spirituality, and society. Rosal is influenced by artists like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and Gordon Lightfoot among others.

The song has a clean and resonant acoustic rhythm and a straight rock drum beat. Rosal’s twangy vocal delivery is energetic while singing emotive lines. Vigour is present in every bar of the track as the arrangement highlights Rosal’s vocals and guitar. There is an almost worship-like quality in the song with reckless energy. The song is a fine addition to his wide discography of songs with a retro aura yet eternally relatable message.

Joyful energy reverberates in the lyrics and arrangement of the track. The free-flowing rhythm and hummable chorus ensure you would tap your foot, bob your head, and sing along to this track. The constructive and positive energy of the vocals and music comes through in the production of Holy. The musical narrative of the song has enough depth while retaining accessibility. The austere arrangement of the track ensures that the songwriting shines through. You feel the lyricism of Leonard Cohen and the free-reeling vibe of Bob Marley in this song. Holy is an uplifting song that leaves you with a happy feeling.

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