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Brendan Lane – Grand prize | A Beautiful story 
Brendan Lane – Grand prize | A Beautiful story 

Brendan Lane – Grand prize | A Beautiful story 

Brendan Lane is an artist with a pure passion for music. Born into a family full of musicians, he had a major attraction toward music from a very early age. He is an exceptional singer/songwriter and a musician. Brendan’s music can be defined as a classic folk/country style. Being the master of lyrics writing, his lyrics can send a wave of various emotions that one can find relatable. Brendan Lane is also a touring artist, having toured three different continents, he has a strong way of communicating his passion for music with his audiences. 

In 2021, he completed an east coast tour with his band “Brendan Lane and the Sugar Packets”. Lane has released several of his songs on Spotify and is back with another heart-touching, soul-melting song called “Grand Prize”.

“Grand Prize” is a wonderful song in collaboration with “Eli Lev” and is about the very basics of self-exploration and self-love. It has been told through the perception of a stuffed animal, in “Brendan’s” words “ It’s from the point of view of a stuffed animal at a carnival hoping that someone would win it and take it home”. Talking about the song in depth. It starts with a subtle soundscape of what looks like a carnival followed by a smooth acoustic guitar intro. The intro is enough to lighten up your mood and make u relax. Soon the sweet vocals of Brendan kick in and lift up the song. The song is all about lyrics, they are fun, joyous, and easy to sing along to. The chorus is where the magic happens, several instruments add up, giving the song more depth. The song has so much more that is just indescribable, it is a masterpiece with its subtle storytelling and wonderful music, it becomes a perfect 3 am song. 

Brendan Lane has made  “Grand Prize” a perfect song in every way, it brings back the memory of going to a carnival and the urge of winning that ‘Grand Prize’. It is highly recommended to listen to this beautiful piece of art. 

We also had a chance to interview Brendan Lane , see below 

1:  Hello Brendan, it is a pleasure to interview you. First, I want to ask you, based on your musical background how it was growing up with a father who was a musician himself?

 EL- “My dad was a musician too! He played the oboe for his high school and university. It was really cool growing up with music in the house as my mother was a singer and acoustic guitar player. They would have sing-alongs which really made me get interested in music from an early age.”

BL- “Having a musician in the house with as much passion as my father had was an incredible asset. I was exposed to diverse artists and nothing was off limits, I also had someone I could refer to with any questions about different songs I was learning made the process a lot easier and more enjoyable. AS I got older and discovered more about music, I also had a friend in the house who could enjoy those moments of discovery with me.”

2: “Grand Prize” is your latest release, what inspired you to write the song, and what was the process like?

EL- “Grand prize was inspired by that feeling of being loved, and knowing that you deserve it. It’s from the point of view of a stuffed animal at a carnival hoping that someone would win it and take it home. But really it’s about self-worth and finding the beauty in every person and inanimate objects that we come across in our lives.” 

BL- “I wanted a sound that would help people escape for a few minutes of the day, and to provide our audiences with a feeling of genuine comfort. Eli came up with the idea of the stuffed animal being the narrator and I think that is what gives the song such accessibility.”

3: “Grand Prize” is quite an interesting song, what is the story behind it?

BL- “Eli and I were hanging around his farm in Western Maryland. On the drive up there I had this melody idea in my head, a cool guitar part that was simple and easy on the ears. I had a strong feeling It would fit Eli’s vibe. Sure enough when I played It for him, the lyrics and story unfolded before us. The music was a lot of fun to write because the main riff was so simple I could really experiment with different patterns in contrast to the main hook. I think what I love most about the song is the sense of longing that the story gives. We all can relate to that feeling of ‘please give me a chance, I know I won’t let you down.’ It’s really great stuff.” 

4: Having performed all around the world, how would you describe your life while being on a tour. Have you had any set backs while touring?

EL- “Tour life is a grind. It’s messy it’s not glamorous and sometimes it’s downright tiring. But, if everything aligns just right, you play the best show of your life to people in a town you’ve never been to – and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

BL- “I agree five to seven hours on the road to play in a new town every night takes Its toll, but there is nothing else I could see myself doing to make a living. I mean we get paid to play music for other people, we have to often remember the Why when you are out there doing It night after night.” 

5: Based on the genre of your music, what are your major influences?

EL-“Major influences for my music and for this song in particular are Jack Johnson, Cat Stevens, and John Denver. They are the Songwriting masters for me and I wanted to honor their craft in their vibe in this tune.”

BL-” Jack Johnson was a big influence on my playing and songwriting style, as well as classic rock and blues artists like the Bratles, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer. Bruce Springsteen is a songwriter I admire wholeheartedly. That man can spin a tale.”

6: Your growth as an artist is very impressive, what are your future plans to keep up with this growth?

EL-“Future plans are just to keep going. I’ve learned that enjoying the process is more important than achieving goals, as if I’m always enjoying what’s happening at the moment when it comes to music in my career, then I’ll always be successful because to me success is happiness, and music brings that to my life.”

BL-“I’ve got a busy schedule this summer with shows up and down the east coast, and capping It off with a performance at texafied JamFest down in Sulphur Springs, TX in November of this year.”

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