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Bernadett-Palladio | With a beating heart

Bernadett has got her strings around your heart. A talented violinist, she’s always bending the rules of the instrumental genre. If it was up to her, you would hear different versions of each track every time you plugged in. Her latest single is with Karl Jenkins, called Palladio.

Amalgamating elements of rock and strings. Bernadett leads with her powerful violin performance. It is enthralling to hear it such a different setting, it changes the flow and energy by a considerable amount. Plotting her course through crests and flows, she breaks the rigidities of the tempo and creates her own organic path. The song speeds and swings back to the same core melody, and the emotional whirlpool is maintained. Palladio is an interesting experiment with the thematic brilliance of a seasoned composer.

Bernadett has done a lot since her 2018 album, making waves with different styles and forms. Songs are never stale with her, and each song is approached with a different zeal. Her take on traditional songs always have her ode to the composition and her own take on the same. Each allows for a shift from a violinist that always surprises you. Listen to her single with Karl Jenkins here:

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