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Abandon the Fall-Devours You
Abandon the Fall-Devours You
Abandon the Fall-Devours You

Abandon the Fall-Devours You (ft. Dayshell) | In the embers of hope

Abandon the Fall are a passion project and do everything in their power to sound like it. With collaborations and features sprinkled generously throughout their catalogues, they’re always looking for new challenges molding their sound. This is their latest single featuring Dayshell, Devours You.

With a bending riff that is inspired by the depths of nu-metal-this kicks in the power of a lithium ion battery. As in, surprisingly powerful punch in torque for something that is so unassuming. Devours You is a collection of poetic verses that crash into frustrated, powerful choruses. Dayshell provides vocals that remind you that clean vocals and screams in the same track are beyond difficult, but some can just get it done. Like an explosion, the aftershock of this track is felt long after it ends.

It has always been this thunderous a release from Abandon the Fall. Their 2021 EP In Bloom had some great power packed tracks. Infinite Seasons was released the same year, following the theme of energetic anthems set over ironclad instrumentals. This band is forever pushing its boundaries, and gets comfortable with a skin before changing it. There is a mastery to each track that comes with constant practice and obsession. Listen to Devours You here:

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