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Marina Laurendi – Neighborhood Kids | Brief Grand Pop

Buffalo, New York native Marina Laurendi presents us with a deeply expressive and nostalgic pop song. With her latest release Neighborhood Kids, in under three minutes, we go from pensive reflection to emphatic choral expression as the song concludes. The song is from her upcoming EP Stay Mine which is releasing in August. West New Yorker Marina Laurendi is a theatre artist who has performed Off-Broadway and in the East Coast.

The song begins with an acoustic rhythm and Marina’s vocals. Soon vocal harmonies keep layering as Laurendi sings about nostalgia and melancholic sentiments. The harmonies behind the chorus make the song sound formidable and add the right amount of epicness to the track. The bluesy guitar solo captures the aura of the track with the right amount of phrasing and restraint. The track manages to mold together genres like indie, folk, pop, and blues. Cascading arrangements and the sweet culmination of myriad elements together make which musically align with the theme.

The song was written by Marina after returning back to their hometown and the flood of nostalgia that came after years of living away. Bittersweet reflection is the feeling and conceptual canvass which the song creates. The song is masterfully mixed ensuring that the vocal harmonies which elevate the track are discernible and other harmonic and rhythmic elements exist in sync. Laurendi’s songwriting sculpts together the singer-songwriter format with alternative rock and cinematic pop elements. The lyrics look at the perspective of retrospective reflection on memories of suburban restlessness. Neighborhood Kids is a song about living back in the past with melancholic joy.

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