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Lemonade Sin – Anagrams | Feeling Retro

Lee Friese-Greene and Simon Aldous, previously of Sidi Bou Said and Umbrella Heaven, respectively, are the musical duo behind Lemonade Sin. They are currently residing in Devon and the idyllic southeast London. Lemonade Sin, who was inspired by the Velvet Underground and Abba, first restricted themselves to writing about the many fairground attractions they liked. They broadened their lyrical repertoire and spent a large deal of the covid era busily writing new songs because they were unable to come up with a suitable rhyme for “Helter-Skelter.” The Pastels, Nancy and Lee, Belle & Sebastian, the Human League, and Belle & Sebastian are just a few of the amazing boy/girl duets that can be noticed in their dreamy alt-pop compositions.

Lemonade has released a new album ‘Anagrams.’ The album is of 9 songs. The first song is ‘Melanie Nods’. It is a 70s-driven musical journey. From the opening verse to the end of the song, ‘Melanie Nods’ just flows with raw vocals and amazing instrumentals that can never be ignored. I think it will take you back to a time when you would enjoy a slow night out with friends or simply enjoy the surroundings of your own home. The sound provides a relaxed mood.

‘Lemonade Sin’ is the second song on the album. It has a breezy atmosphere and a very upbeat beat. Vocals in this song are more polished. The soundscape is minimal and cheery. The ambient voice singing “Lemonade Sin” at the end of the song is my favorite part of this song and gives it an interesting edge

‘Semolina Den’ is the best song on the album. It’s very calm, with beautiful female vocals and music that sounds like a heavenly choir. The song feels soothing, and I would definitely listen to this one over and over again. An amazing song to start off your day or sleep letting go of all the worries. ‘Alien Demons’ is another such song that stays close to your heart. The slow, hypnotic melody and the deeply soothing vocals bring us to a slightly more gloomy mood, so if you’re looking for something to relax and calm you down this song has to be your go-to.

The  ‘Denial Omens’ song is actually a song pertaining to a failed romantic relationship. I would never have guessed it. Lyrically, it’s very simple and the music is also simple but it has a great soul to it. The arrangement of the album is phenomenal and some parts are up-tempo whereas others are slower in terms of groove.

‘Solemn Diane’ has amazing upbeat summery vibes to it. This song has a lot of interesting musical elements. The saxophone is used very tastefully and adds layers of depth to the tune. It absolutely makes you think of one of your most memorable moments when first falling in love with someone.

The intro to ‘Annie’s Model’ starts off slow with some mellow guitar strings, but then BAM! it hits you with this killer guitar riff that sounds like it could be straight out of a rock song. The whole song is like this, it’s constantly shifting gears and keeping you on your toes, never letting you get too comfortable. I was head-bobbing the whole way through. There’s a dark, melancholy vibe to the song that would make it perfect for any horror movie.

‘Mild Neon Sea’ is a nostalgic and classic 60s track I would listen to. The lyrics are beautiful and the melody just hits every note to perfection. The instruments used in this song are also amazing with, the guitar, and drums standing out and perfectly blended together. The vocals are lovely as well with such perfect tone and melody they add so much emotion to the music itself without being too overpowering.

The upbeat disco song ‘A Seldom Nine’ has a feel-good chorus and a nostalgic ambiance. The soundscape and vocals combine to provide a strong and delightful mood. The music has a contagious energy that will have you dancing like no other.

This album is a great representation of both artists’ abilities in musical creativity. Overall, this album is nothing short of brilliant!

Enjoy listening to Anagrams here.

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