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Kaysien – Portals | Complete Banger
Kaysien – Portals | Complete Banger

Kaysien – Portals | Complete Banger 

Kaysien is the stage of the very talented and independent, producer, musician, and artist “Seb Stone”. Based in London, he just completed his 10-part journey illustrated via music/songs. Kaysien is a brilliant self-taught artist, he taught himself several instruments like piano, bass, drums, and guitar. He has now focused on his new musical journey a follow-up to his 10-part journey. BC Chronicles consists of 3 parts crafted over 2 years, “Portals” being the last part of the journey.  As a solo artist, Kaysien has received numerous support from DJs and radios like Soho Radio, Phoenix Radio, and BBC Lincolnshire.

“Portals” being the last installment of BC Chronicles, it is having a very unique approach to its music. Talking about the song in detail. The song has a very groovy and joyous setting, it starts with a drop combining piano, a very heavy bass, and an amazing drum beat. Soon after the drop, the beautiful vocals of Kaysien kick in. His vocals are layered and have a very airy/atmospheric tone. The most interesting part of the song is if you listen carefully, the bass line coordinates perfectly with the drum beat, making the song so groovy and cheerful. The pre-chorus is on a completely different level, a whole chord progression comes and a lot of instruments add up, it shows the genius of Kaysien. A lot is going on in the song and the experimentation of producing a song like “Portals” has surely been successful. 

“Portals” is a very different song than one listens to in today’s world. The production of the song is just phenomenal, it is a banger and must a recommended if you want to listen to something completely out of the box. 

We also have an interview with kaysien, read it below 

1: Hey Kaysien, it is amazing to have you with us for an interview. Firstly, I wanted to ask you, how did you get into music. What was the first inspiration?

Hello and thanks. Ah, music has always been with me. I was born with a muse humming on my shoulder! I’d always been hugely creative, coming up with little tunes and beats from childhood onwards. I used to beatbox riddims around the halls of my old school which naturally led me onto playing bass and drums, though I started relatively late around 19. That’s when I began the quest of teaching myself and the exploration of the music inside! 

2: Your new single “Portals” just came out. What is the story behind it and how was the process of writing it?

Yes, it has! It’s up on my Bandcamp https://kaysienx.bandcamp.com/track/portals and all streaming sites. I’m currently working on its animated music and lyric video as a follow up. For this track, I wanted to generate a feeling of defiant energy, playful belligerence and a sense of respect for life. Collectively I feel we are being pushed and pulled in directions mostly against our will and with no true conclusion to this modern saga in sight I wrote this song to relieve a sense of stagnation, to reaffirm the fact that life is change and that our internal worlds can be much different to the grim realities of the material. It is a counterpoint to depression.

The writing process was pretty standard for me, a flash of inspiration delivered the bass line, let that settle before developing it further and working on the musical core of the track – keys, drums & bass.Then writing lyrics and allowing a melody to emerge finished by massaging it all into place using my aural imagination!!

3: “Portals” has a lot going on with its classic synths and groovy beat. Which artists did you take inspiration from while writing it?

Nope, no artists. This is all me, the minor pentatonic and my imagination.

4: You have been writing and producing music for a long time now. Have you experienced a creative block?

In my early more inexperienced days, sure. But then as I questioned & examined the process I began to look at it in a different way. Something like this usually arises from different sources; fatigue, a lack of ability, a lack of self awareness mixed with ego & internal pressure, the fact that the idea your working on just isn’t all that good and desire. I also found that the word ‘Block’ is so negative and somewhat destructive that if you focus on the phrase itself, you kind of feed the restriction, so I choose now not to look at it in the way the person who created the phrase did. Something was in THEIR way – hence ‘Block’… learn more about yourself and creativity flows like a river.

5: You have been consistent about the releases of your songs. Can we expect any full-length albums in the future?

Sure! I have a few steps first, a number of concepts that I’m eager to work on, and after that an album! Keep in touch on my socials for future updates! https://www.kaysien.com/

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