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Will Wood - White Noise
Will Wood - White Noise

Will Wood – White Noise | Symphonic Cacophony – 

New Jersey native and Avant pop maverick Will Wood gives us an impressive anthemic yet innovative hit with his latest release White Noise. White Noise is the latest single release from his upcoming album In Case I Make It. Wood who has several millions of cumulative streams on Spotify has managed to create an inventive discography that jumps genres across folk, pop, jazz, rock, Latin, and avant-pop genres. Wood, no stranger to experimentation, arranges a full string section and 16-voice Bulgarian choir (which he did via zoom) in White Noise.

The song has the ukelele has its genesis and intro. To the austere ukelele we have Wood belting out some impressive and emotive vocal runs. The second half has the choir, string section, and the full force of arena rock theatricality. The sound is a jubilant canvass of celebration and acceptance. The lyrics make references in a quirky fashion to musical references from Dorian to 4/4 to music file formats and orchestras. The inventive lyricism points to the indescribable nothingness or futility in everyday existence and to the importance of reveling in the background sounds that make up our lives.

Will Wood is a musician’s musician and songwriter while still remaining appealing to the average listener. The song’s dynamic arrangement and lush production make it a theatrical auditory experience. Wood has his regular bandmates: Mario Conte on drums, Mike Bottiglieri on guitars, and Vater Boris on upright bass. The way he welds together the four-piece band with string sections and choirs to out-of-the-box lyrics and production innovation is a delight to savour. White Noise is a an irreverent ode to joy about the search for meaning within all the trivial things we seek purpose from. Will Wood continues to innovate constantly while treating us to songs that we’ll keep humming.

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