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Raynald Grenier-Symphony No.1 in D Minor
Raynald Grenier-Symphony No.1 in D Minor
Raynald Grenier-Symphony No.1 in D Minor

Raynald Grenier-Symphony No.1 in D Minor | In frequencies immortal

Raynald Grenier moves souls with his work. We’ve all dabbled in the genius of composers like Bach, Beethoven and Shubert. As a renaissance man, this composer brings life back to compositions. With several drama soundtracks and musical compositions under his belt, this is his new album. It is called Symphony No. 1 in D Minor, and it is another stellar work of art.

I was fortunate enough to write my thoughts on his 2020 album, Dolci Momenti. It was a sensitive, heartfelt composition that imbibed nature without any words. Complex and mature, this album is on par in excellence as well. The 1st Movement is called In Nomine Patris. It has controlled strings and gentle piano ballets like Swan Lake, and yet bears the mark of Grenier’s gentle yet strong build. The highs are cinematic and hair-raising, crashing to cascade to a gentle flow of a rivulet at times.

With the second movement, Et Filii creates a somber effect that precipitates when the density saturates. The controlled breath of each instrument is felt without pause. A pause is given its deserved space, no emotion is a sudden drop or chimes in without earning its place. Like a trained alpinist, Raynald Grenier navigates the highs and lows with ease. He is a master of arrangement, and does not complete any piece without curating it to the second.

With bated breath

Closing with Et Spiritus Sancti, each track shares the intensity and learns from the prior. Grenier might have arranged them in order, or no particular way-but I sense a pattern that emotionally draws from the previous. It is like a grand tale is being told, and no detail will be left out. Stones aren’t left unturned and broken hearts are felt as broken.

This project would not be possible without the help of stellar conductor, Gilles Léveillé and the Global Studio Philharmonic Orchestra, which brought Grenier’s concepts to fruition.

For an artist with years of experience, this is another day in the life. This track embodies the spirit of music that Raynald Grenier believes in. What he believes in, he makes sure you understand why. Art like this is meant to be shared, so proceed to spread this music if it inspires. Some highs in music are guaranteed.

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