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Karen Harding - I've Got A Secret
Karen Harding - I've Got A Secret

Karen Harding – I’ve Got A Secret | Operatic Folk Ballad

Australian singer-songwriter Karen Harding performs a haunting ballad with the title track from the upcoming EP I’ve Got A Secret by Karen Harding. The song was written by the Melbourne-based artist during the initial days of the pandemic lockdowns. Karen has been playing the piano from her early childhood and was trained as a vocalist during her teens. She has been a regular performer in the live gig circuits in northern Melbourne.

The song has a steady acoustic rhythm with some emotional and forceful vocals. The track builds up pace with the addition of cellos and has a cinematic ending. The narrative of the song lies around revealing the true vulnerable self behind the positive only image on social media. The lyrics address the listener in the second person asking questions on whether one can be accepted beyond preconceived ideas of perfection. Harding’s influences range from Joni Mitchell, Sara Bareilles to Tracy Chapman and Leonard Cohen. With this legacy in her musical DNA, we are treated to folk music listeners’ delight.

Harding’s vocals balance technicality with musical expression in an operatic folk delivery of passionate love. The songwriting encapsulates sentimental intensity which comes with emotional dilemmas. It does so with somber dialectical lyricism. The song is aptly produced by Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music. After 6 single releases, Harding’s musical journey to a narrative musical project is something to look forward to. We’re awaiting the release of the EP for more expressive music. I’ve Got A Secret is a folk ballad that will bring up hidden melancholic emotions.

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