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Everything but the Everything-A & B Sides, Vol. 1
Everything but the Everything-A & B Sides, Vol. 1
Everything but the Everything-A & B Sides, Vol. 1

Everything but the Everything-A & B Sides, Vol. 1 | In fantasia

Everything but the Everything are something I tell you. The project is a collaboration, an effort to bring the fun back in music. In compositions, they innovate with instrumentals and lyrics. In image, they’ve found joy in their brand of indie rock/pop. This is a double A side release, A & B Sides, Vol. 1. Expect a Vol. 2 with the same amount of fun.

Remember KISS’s disco hit, I Was Made for Loving You? We Want More very much follows in the line of that. It’s a groovy beat that is a result, with a bass line that makes your head bop side to side. Their track does quite a bit with less, though they claim to want more. The solos also are an elastic drone with heavy reverb and mild distortion. From a PG cover of a Nirvana classic, they’ve gone great lengths to find this neo-psychedelic dwelling sound. The synths dominate the second half’s solo, the organ sound we miss from the 70s so very much.

Everything but the Everything of change

Open Your Mind dwells on the crunch distortion that sludge bands love to exploit. With only a two chord change, Open Your Mind has a verse section that draws you in. There are synth accents that bring in the 80s pop flavor that feeds as nostalgia fodder. The chorus has the guitars sound like they’re packing a heavy punch, and the build gets better and better. Progressing to be more melodic, the chorus keeps up with the natural rhythm they’ve set.

Everything but the Everything have had a couple of busy years since they started putting out music in 2019. The utilised their 2020 creating more tracks, and some great collaborations in 2021. This is their latest release for the year, but I highly recommend heading over to their Spotify and exploring more.

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