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Zinqq – Speeding | Melodic Feast

Jerome Bailey better know as Zinqq is a London-based artist who is known for his innovative blending of rap and trap with touches of emo and rock-and-roll. He started out his career as a content creator at the tender age of 10 and slowly emerged into a full fledged musician over time . His distinctive vocal texture has gained him a wide and loyal fanbase. Zinqq heavily experiments with music and his vocals which is bound to enchant you. His discography consists of 8 singles out of which ‘Internet Love’ is one of my personal favorite.

Zinqq has recently released his new single, ‘Speeding’ which is a bliss of melodics. The song will surely put you in a groove. Zinq his known for his characteristic vocals which is perfectly portrayed in this track. The melodies are addictive and sicks to your head right off the bat. The music takes several turns throughout the track where Zinqq perfectly keeps up with his soothing yet grunge vocals. The drum loops are enchanting and goes in perfect harmony with the melodic music. The hook is catchy and latches on to your head for days. I can hear the track playing in my head every now and then, this is how addictive Zinqq is. The mellow flute elements used in the music just takes the track to a whole another level. The way Zinqq plays with autotune is fresh out of the oven. This surely a must listen for anyone who loves hip-hop. This is a proper MOASH track!

Listen to ‘Speeding’ by Zinqq-

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