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Kaisa Rya – Lips | Pop
Kaisa Rya – Lips | Pop

Kaisa Rya – Lips | Pop

Kaisa Rya is a pop artist who has been creating music for a while now. With ravishing, mainstream-worthy songs, she is making it clearer day by day that her music is for the masses. With relatable songs, she is setting quite a mark for herself.

Kaisa Rya’s recent release is a song called Lips, a mix of various gorgeous elements you would like to hear. The song starts off interestingly and in a toned manner but goes on to become an energetic and upbeat affair. Lips is about desire, emotions, and youthfulness. With every lyric and beat and melody, you would want to delve into this beauty even deeper, surrender to its magic, and just let loose. With iconic beats and progression, the song makes for a perfect upbeat number. You would be astounded by the chorus because that’s one of the best parts of the song, as it should be. The chorus grows on you and when you fully familiarize yourself with its flow, it begins to sound so groovy and intense that you would absolutely fall for it.

The song has a different energy to it. It is quite authentic in itself. Even though pop is a genre that is often associated with inauthenticity these days, Lips is a track that definitely has something unique to offer. And the unique part is its pace, the surprising elements, the flow, and the whole vibe.

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