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Simesky+Fritch | Such Imperfections | Retro Synthwave | Electronic | Neon Nu Wave
Simesky+Fritch | Such Imperfections | Retro Synthwave | Electronic | Neon Nu Wave

Simesky+Fritch – Such Imperfection | Retro Synthwave

I wonder why they say it’s not possible to build a time machine yet. There are songs that take you to different time periods mentally and that’s time travelling in its own accord. To be able to make music that is not from your own time requires a different kind of vision. That coupled with modern twists and effects, gives rise to Simesky+Fritch. Our very own personal time machine. Although it takes you back to one particular place only. That too just for now, this is only their debut single. Retro synthwave music that transcends concepts of time.

Such Imperfections is Simesky+Fritch’s debut single that is a celebration of the meeting of minds. United Simesky Institutes has worked with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra to create some sweet 80’s synthwave. Its a crossover between UK and Belgium, making music that transcends the concepts of borders and boundaries. A true tribute to the 80’s and the retro. Amazing sound craft and impeccable recreation of the 80s are the main characteristics of this new project!

Speaking of long intros, it would seem as if the time machine is rendering the time-space that we will be visiting. The loading continues for almost a good minute, just like the anticipation of turning an electronic device on and waiting for it to boot. Retro in every aspect. As the vocals pour in, my GOD! Its as if I’m falling back in time with synthwave and RGB funneling me through the tunnels of time. The vocals are absolutely perfectly mixed into the track with the such on the point effects. I cant come up with the words to describe the amalgamation of the vocals with the theme of the track! Its absolute!

“Such imperfection; Such a perfect man”

“Such imperfection; Such disconnection”

What a weird chorus! The instruments around the chorus are just amazing. Its like the chorus is a sign of better melodies to come. The steady bassline just takes the listener on a journey through a retro steampunk museum of consciousness. I wish this song never ends! It’s like I was in a karate kid movie, training with Miyagi! This is a time machine that takes you to different places in the same timeline. Like an Uber through the 80s!

This is not just any retro synthwave. This is an absolutely perfect rendition of retro synthwave by modern day masters. A track that symbolizes the union between two institutes and their musical minds. A masterpiece that is going to set a benchmark in the music industry!

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