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Molteno – Moonlight | Aural Alice In Wonderland

Molteno is a breath of frigid enlightening wind in the crowded landscape of alternative and indie pop. The London, UK based act with their latest single Moonlight presents us with a masterclass in songwriting and aural soundscaping. The song is stunningly produced by Hans Engström, Jose Manuel Cubides Gutierrez, and Jan Oldaeus. Her music is a marriage between Bjork and Bat For Lashes. It is also in many ways reminiscent of old rock and could be called an electro alternative pop version of the My Bloody Valentine and one daresay even Deftones. The song is about traveling and connecting through dreams.

The track begins with a retro fading doppler effect and a straight indie drum beat. Soon we are washed away in the ambient rhythmic and harmonic background which makes the whole listening experience like watching a sunrise or standing under a light waterfall. The song creates a trippy sonic canvas of surreal nirvana and rapture. We manage to experience alternative R&B, trip hop, and dreampop in the act’s characteristic innovative sound. The thematic setting of the song lies in the question “What if we truly wake up in our dreams and travel by moonlight?”

Molteno’s vocals and songwriting establish a benchmark in the music listening experience in dreamy electropop. The masterful layering and audio sculpting of the various elements to give a streamlined experience is commendable. Three elements viz. the fast-paced drum beat, the atmospheric synths and vocal harmonies, and the austere vocals, give the song its unique song. The production of the reverb elements and vocal harmonies is just worth listening to by itself. Moonlight is a sonic experience that will drown you in a stupor.

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