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One Stone - Am I The First
One Stone - Am I The First

One Stone – Am I The First | Noir

Debutant group One Stone has decided to burst onto the independent music scene with the arrival of their debut track Am I The First. The three-minute-long track manages to take you way back into the heydays of noir folk-rock. However, this time infused with elements of punk-rock and thematic odes to a sense of attractive belligerence that surrounds the track’s aura.

The track opens up with a playful Nintendo-esque guitar lick with some sense of finality to it. It quickly gets enmeshed within the combos of electric guitars, bass and synths that make the track resemble an abandoned late Daft Punk project. Throughout the track, the group manages to usher in an underclass status to themselves. The band is en route to their rock and roll zenith. While embracing a devilish and filthy sound to their music that is so instantaneously attractive and contagious. The guitar solo in the middle of the track encompasses the raging vocals to produce its pentatonic tower of fretboard genius. Meanwhile, the vocalist waddles through the verse in impeccable gusto.

One Stone becomes the ultimate embodiment of the birth of a rock group true to rock’s very bare essentials. With distorted guitars, a sense of underdog-ism, pulsating percussions tearing across the discography and the passion of pure RnR stimulation. Additionally, for all the naysayers that write rock and roll off in contemporary media. You must note that the creation of groups like One Stone manages to keep rock’s preambles alive to this day. Moreover, they redefine rock’s foundations for generations to follow.

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