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Cynthia Hamar – Shaken | Sensational Singer 
Cynthia Hamar – Shaken | Sensational Singer 

Cynthia Hamar – Shaken | Sensational Singer 

Cynthia Hamar is an ardent singer/songwriter, guitarist, and musician. Based in Alberta, Canada, she is no stranger to the Canadian music scene. She’s had quite a spectacular carrier with over three albums under her name and another one coming soon called “Joint and Marrow”. She has also toured via train across the “Great White North.”

With the latest release of her single called “Shaken’, Cynthia is in the spotlight again. The song ‘Shaken’ is a part of her upcoming fourth album “Joint and Marrow”. Talking about the song in detail, the song starts with a sort of steel-string sounding guitar with light drums setting the tempo. A very clever move that pans the organ to the right and electric guitar to the left. This fills up the whole space and gives the intro, more depth. Soon the deep atmospheric vocals of Hamar kicks in. Her voice is just so suitable for the song, as she has a deep, dark, and eerie tone to her voice. There are a lot of dynamics in her singing, which makes it extremely difficult for someone else to sing the song. A variety of instruments add up after the first verse, giving the song more depth. The ending of the song is so soothing and relaxing, if you listen to the song try to listen to it till the end it is worth it. 

The whole is such a masterpiece while being a heartbreaking song it gives a happy vibe. It is a laid-back, groovy, and chill song. It also has a deep past, while Hamar explained: “Shaken is an internal conversation about trauma; recognizing the deep groaning and the need to let go of the pain to embrace a brighter future. I originally wrote it to myself over the period of a couple of years. Processing the changes in our family dynamic, then a huge upset in my marriage.” 

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