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Scarlet Joy – Lost at Sea | Ravishing
Scarlet Joy – Lost at Sea | Ravishing

Scarlet Joy – Lost at Sea | Ravishing

Scarlet Joy is a power trio of three ardent artists, Sophia Woodcraft, Tom Latham, and Drew Moore. With a very unique style of music, they have gained a unique fan base too. Through sentimental yet powerful music, they have been making quite a mark.

Their recent release is a song called Lost at Sea which is a very experimental song, to begin with. It has all the soft and tender elements to it, while also having that vigour and power that uplifts you on days you need some energy. The song in itself is a powerhouse of a range of emotions, so what it does to the listeners is only imaginable.

The song Lost at Sea almost sounds like a prayer in some instances, thanks to the super passionate and ardent vocals of Sophia Woodcraft. The song has an intense beat to it, and the melodies that kick in out of nowhere give it an element of surprise. You would want to delve into the song as deeper as you could in order to fully devour it.

The track begins quite slowly but it develops into a fine mix of energy, emotions, and unpredictability, You would want to pay close heed to the soundscapes because they are anything but ordinary. The musicality of this song is something to cherish. With unique and unpredictable soundscapes, the song becomes quite enjoyable and pleasant.

The lyrics are both sombre and self-assuring, hopeful and hopeless, but all in all, they lift your spirits exceedingly.

A must-listen!

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