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Joey Capo – Emocean | Emotional Ocean

Joey Capo is an Italian-Vietnamese singer/songwriter & producer who pours out his heart into his music. His songs project a very strong chill vibe ranging from pop to contemporary R&B genre. Joey Capo began his songwriting journey at a tender age of 16 and by 20, he started teaching himself how to produce his own records which gradually turned into a full-fledged project. With two “R&B record of the year” Hollywood Music Media Award nominations, Joey continues to gain the recognition that he deserves through his exquisite works like Me Time, Heartstrings, The Night is Still Young, as well as his two self recorded, written, and produced EPs “New Moon” and “When Shooting Stars Listen”. With 15 singles, 2 EP’s and 2 albums in total, his discography is an array of masterpieces. His songs project his strong emotions put into mellow and soothing music made to please your ears.

“A-listers beware, Joey Capo is coming for your spot with all that he’s got and nothing’s gonna stop him.”

He recently released an album called ‘Emocean’ which is a clever wordplay. As the name suggests, his album is a bliss of emotions that will surely wash you away like an ocean. The album is strong both in musical and lyrical sense. Being the versatile singer-songwriter he is, his songs are perfect portrayal of his versatility both as a writer and vocalist. This album is a roller-coaster ride that no one should miss out on. The album has 7 songs in total and each pierces through the skin deep into the consciousness of the listener relentlessly.

The fist two tracks, ‘Ripple Effect / Current’ and ‘Seaside’ are the perfect beginning of an album anyone could fathom. I really enjoyed both the songs and love the way these two set the mood for the album that is to follow. The way Joey Capo blows life into his compositions through innovative music and deep lyrics is remarkable. The second song ‘Seaside’ is one of my personal favorites from the album and will surely be in my playlist for a long long time.

The next track ‘In the dust’ is the perfect drop which is expected after the smooth intro into the album. This song is packed with some deep heartwarming lyrics and intricate musicality. The melodies are far ahead of time and stand out distinctly from what is going around in the mainstream.

The fourth track ‘Lonely’ is the only track in the album where an artist is featured and surely was a wise decision. Jon Calvin perfectly blends into the vibe and creates a whole another level of enchantment with this track. The chorus and catchy and latches on to your mind right away. This is the kind of song that you will keep humming for days.

The next two tracks ‘Wanted it More’ and ‘Body’ are like the pleasant surprise that you wouldn’t be expecting. The songs are diverse yet goes perfectly in hand with the vibe of the album. Both this track have a slight touch of modern hip-hop which is so beautifully executed that it literally blows life into the album. These are my favorite pair from the album and both are pretty strong and can not be compared.

The last track, ‘Blü Moon’ is the outro of the album and yet is one of the best songs of the album. Joey surely left me begging for more. His discography can not disappoint a listener. There is something for everyone here!

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