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Jay Moussa-Mann – One Summer’s Day | Refreshing
Jay Moussa-Mann – One Summer’s Day | Refreshing

Jay Moussa-Mann – One Summer’s Day | Refreshing

Jay Moussa-Mann is an ardent singer and songwriter who is known for her iconic lyrics and soul-freshening melodies that lure you into the world of artistic tales and soundscapes. She derives inspiration from various artists such as Taylor Swift.

Jay Moussa-Mann recently released her song called One Summer’s Day which is a song about love, mostly, but also explores various other themes and feelings. When you listen to this track the one word that comes into your head is refreshing. From lyrics to vocals, to melodies, to every other element in this track, everything has a vigour to it that transfers that energy into you as you listen to this track. The song starts off with a nice melody that develops into an even more calming and satisfying affair as the vocals kick in. The whole song is marvellous but Jay’s vocals quite steal the show. The way she sings those lyrics, gently, calmly, and instilling her infectious energy into the lines, truly makes you want to keep listening to this track on loop.

One Summer’s Day has perfect lyrics that would make you nostalgic in some instances, but would mostly fill you with a summer-like hope that you might have been looking for for days. The song has an extremely invigorating feel to it, and perhaps, that’s what makes it so heartfelt and worth listening to.

The song follows a steady pace and you would realize this as soon as the song ends, that perhaps the song deserves a few more listens ‘cause you would just not want to miss out on any of its flavours that you might have missed.

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