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Wayne Merdinger – Troubadour | A Hidden Gem 
Wayne Merdinger – Troubadour | A Hidden Gem 

Wayne Merdinger – Troubadour | A Hidden Gem 

Wayne Merdinger is an exceptional singer/songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. He is a self-taught artist, having learned all of the skills by himself makes him such a dedicated artist he is today. Growing up in New York he also learned drums and sang in the school choir. A little story about him from his website is about the time when he can play the piano. Wane was at his friend’s house waiting for him and saw a piano in the living room. He saw a song written on a page, that he recognized. He played the song, surprising his friend’s mom she said “Wayne, I didn’t know you played the piano” and then he said, “neither did I”. 

Wayne Merdinger is a gem who has so much talent and love for music. 

After writing songs for about 25 years, it was his children who pushed him to record professionally and release his music. Wayne’s music can be defined as the emotional and heart-touching lyrics with classic rock-style ballads. 

Wayne has released three albums and several singles. His new release is an Ep called “Troubadour”. It has 6 songs and has a run time of about 23 minutes. Talking about the songs in detail. The first song is what the Ep has been named after. The song starts with a rhythm on acoustic guitar which is followed by a bass guitar, drums, and a classic style riff on electric guitar. Soon the vocals kicks in and lift up the song. It is fast-paced and electrifying in the first verse. But the chorus drops into a mellow and soft ballad sound. This whole pattern continues throughout the song and is done so beautifully by Wayne. The song is about a troubadour and defines him in all possible ways. The song is such a masterpiece. 

Another amazing song in the Ep is called “The Train Song (I Saw You)”. the song is a classic love song with a classic storyline. The song starts with an acoustic guitar and vocals. Soon the song lifts up with heavy electric guitar and drums to make it groovy. The song has a beautiful melody with a lot of fillers by electric guitar. It has an obvious catchy hook after the name of the song “I Saw You”. It is such a beautiful song that gives a lot of folk vibes but has a little touch of rock to it. It is a must-listen song from the Ep. 

The whole Ep is just another example of how great of a musician Wayne Merdinger is. His vintage style of songwriting and production just takes us, listeners, back to the memory lane. The ones who are a fan of classic rock ballas music are definitely going to love Wayne’s music. His persistency is amazing and his lyrics writing shows the experience of a lifetime. 

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