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The Prickly Pair – The Long Parade | Enchanting
The Prickly Pair – The Long Parade | Enchanting

The Prickly Pair – The Long Parade | Enchanting

The Prickly Pair is an enchanting pair of two ardent artists that have been creating worthwhile music for quite some time now. With their intrinsically raw and memorable tunes, they have been garnering love from their fans, and for all the right reasons.

This time, the pair is back with a release of yet another brilliant number, which is quite impressive, to begin with. The song is called The Long Parade. It is a fine rock number with bits and pieces from several genres, but the rock is the most prominent one. It sounds retro for sure, and this vintage, raw, and rustic feel to it, is what gives flavour to the track more than anything else. The song is quite simple yet has many complexities that any avid listener would love to explore. The great thing about the track is that it makes it really easy for you to sit back, relax, and daydream of a foreign land, or gone days, anything that brings about a sweet-savoury taste in your mouth. To put it plainly, The Long Parade warms your heart and makes you want to grow tender because tenderness is a great feeling right. I guess every good song makes you tender. And that’s quite a way of identifying a song that should be added to your playlist!

The Long Parade is sweet, warming, raw, and nostalgic and will perhaps leave you wanting for more, just as it did for me.

Listen to this sweet, enchanting affair right here:

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