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Hillsborough-Comin' Back For You
Hillsborough-Comin' Back For You
Hillsborough-Comin' Back For You

Hillsborough-Comin’ Back For You | Sway to the beat

There is always a need for a heavier country sound. Alt-country helped merge the dirt and vigor of the blues with the gentle serenading that is country music. Hillsborough seem to have found out the key to keeping a bar up on their toes. Give them a stage and microphones, the whiskey will definitely keep flowing. This is Comin’ Back For You.

Sounding like blues aficionado Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys, Hillsborough create a swimmingly good track. The short number features guitars with crunch, a really good simple beat for a spine and lyrics that you’ll definitely be singing. The vocals blend into each other even though they’re often harmonics, and the textures are sorted out well. This track is another addition to their wide array of different tones and sounds they’ve touched upon till now.

Hillsborough have released a double A side called Trouble Found Its Way earlier this year. Shifting from a Tom Petty narrative style to a heavier blues crunch, they’re sure to attract a huge crowd for performances. The duo compose with an internal metronome worth admiring, hooking to quick tempos that will keep your hips swaying. Listen to their latest single Comin’ Back For You here:

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