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Cris Cap – Feel the Love | Lovestruck

Cris Cap is a songwriter who specializes in RnB, Jazz mixed beautifully with Pop and Soulful musical elements. As a versatile composer, singer and instrumentalist, Cris works experiments vastly with various musicians to create mellow, easy-to-listen songs that have a calming but uplifting vibe. On his new EP, he collaborates in duets with british singer Tyla Rae and talks about the uncertainties of relationships through relatable lyrics and gentle melodies. His catalogue contains 5 singles and 1 EP. He certainly tells stories through his songs which is beautifully woven with intricate yet calming music. He made his debut with ‘Brighter Day’ and is one of the most powerful debut albums in this genre.

Cris Cap recently released his latest EP, ‘Feel The Love which is a 3 song EP which is a whole short movie in itself. Cris Cap’s exquisite sense of lyricism and musicality is remarkable and clearly visible in this EP. The way Cris Cap expresses such intense feelings through his lyrics makes my heart dance with joy. The EP surely will take you on a trip beyond the atmosphere. The musical elements that he carefully chooses makes the music even more worth the while.

The EP has three songs and the first track is Feel the Love. The song sets the vibe of the EP right away. The vocals are smooth and the way the vocals are stirred into the music is just spell binding. The chorus is melodious and will surely have you singing along by the time the last chorus kicks in. The musical composition is beautifully carved out to become a perfect piece of art. This a great way to set the mood for the next song which is an acoustic version of the third song ‘Like a Rose’.

The second track is ‘Like a Rose- Acoustic Version’ this track shows how vast Cris Caps musicality and Tyla Rae takes the song an extra mile ahead through her super-strong yet enjoyable vocals. This is beautifully structured and a song you can go-to any day, any hour. The third track is ‘Like a Rose’ and takes the EP towards the upward curve which gradually comes down to a perfect ending of the EP.

This EP is something that every R&B, Jazz, Pop and soul lover should listen to. This is what a perfect collision of all these worlds would look like. This EP is meant to make you move your feet and your heart at the same time.

Listen to ‘Feel the Love’-

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