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Chapell – Beyond the Blue Sky | Genius Storyteller 
Chapell – Beyond the Blue Sky | Genius Storyteller 

Chapell – Beyond the Blue Sky | Genius Storyteller 

Chapell is a musical project by the singer/songwriter and musician “Alan Chapell”. The New York-based musician encounters real and raw stories through his songs. The art of storytelling drives both his writing and live shows. With over 1.5 million streams and counting and a massively successful tour with the rock band “Gin Blossoms”, he is the rising star in the industry. 

Alan was influenced by music from a very early age, having learned piano and trumpet before the age of 6. His first recording session in the studio was with the legendary producer “Jimmy Lenner” at the age of 15. Chapell’s music defines him and with the release of his new single “Beyond the Blue Sky”, he is unstoppable. 

“Beyond the Blue Sky” is the latest single by Chapell. The single is delicate work of art and talent. The song is filled with intense musical and lyrical mastery. Talking about the song in detail. The song starts directly with a lot of instruments.  A synth with a melody, an amazing soft pad, and some percussions perfectly blend in to create a unique intro. Soon a violin kicks in with a cracking fast packed drum beat to build the intensity. The powerful vocals of Chapell kicks in, his voice is so fine-toned and clear. It is soothing to listen to chapel sing. The song gives a lot of 80s disco vibe with the synths used but at the same time, it sounds so electronic and modern metal. Chapell has created his own genre with a lot of unique techniques and inspiration from the 80s. 

The production of “Beyond the Blue Sky” is just phenomenal, the crisp vocals are loud and clear, all of the percussions and drums sound amazing, and the synths and pads are just on point.

There’s so much more going on in the song, which you can only find out if you go and listen to this masterpiece. 

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