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Alan Caruso – Caruso – Is Like So… | Eccentrically Fresh
Alan Caruso – Caruso – Is Like So… | Eccentrically Fresh

Alan Caruso – Caruso – Is Like So… | Eccentrically Fresh

Alan Caruso is an ardent artist with a deep and profound love for music. His music is an authentic amalgamation of a variety of musical elements that only those with an ear for music would be able to grasp.

Alan Caruso’s latest release is an EP called Caruso – Is Like So which in substance is quite an eccentric EP featuring three fresh numbers. If you are into exploring fresh music which may not be your conventional regular type of music, you should definitely check this EP out. It has got three songs and all of these three numbers are unique in themselves, with a crisp and authentic vibe, jolly lyrics, and quite distinctive vocals that give these songs a unique vibe of their own.

The songs explore various subjects like self-esteem, love, and innocence, in quite a profound manner. You would want to listen to each of these tracks slowly and devouringly in order to truly understand their charm. These songs, I must add, are not everyone’s cup of tea. But listen up, if you are searching for art, this EP is your answer. The songs would suit your mood if you are yearning for the good old days. The songs have a slight nostalgic tone to them for sure, and that’s what makes these songs so good.

The songs are sung in a narration where the speech quite sounds like a monologue. The perspective of the speaker is intensified with the touching music in the background. In one instance, it gave me a feeling of spoken poetry. And if you could make sense of both the words and music together and how they complement each other, the songs will become even more enjoyable for you.

Another thing to point out is the amazing flow of the songs. They flow beautifully and the rhythm that they maintain throughout their pace makes them even more smooth. The vocals, lyrics, and music, nothing is ordinary and everything is quite out of the box, all in a good way.

Listen to this EP right here:

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