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The Bergamot – Breakdown | Stellar Strife

New York City-based indie folk/rock duo The Bergamot have released a beautiful hopeful song with Breakdown. The Bergamot consists of Jillian Speece on Cajon and Nathaniel Paul Hodd on guitar and keyboard while both undertake vocals. The band had formed in South Bend, Indiana in 2010. In 2019, they were invited to open for OneRepublic. Over the years they have released a prolific discography with 7 albums and 1 EP. The track has an unbelievably beautiful artwork of hands reaching out in shades of dark purple and aqua blue.

The song begins with a dream-pop aura with its electronic beats and processed vocal harmonies adding ambient synths. We then hear some clean guitar decorating the verses with a more intricate drum beat. The guitar lines are melodic while the synths create a poignant aura. The lush vocal parts with the sparse rhythm arrangement talk of perseverance in the context of the immortality of stars. The songwriting works to create an aural canvas where the experiential limit is explored in great thematic depth.

Another core message of the track is the shared legacy of struggle with past generations. The track is well mixed by Matt Wiggins and intends to provide faith in darkened times. The poetry of the theme of the lyrics is translated perfectly in the arrangement of the song. The tender and balmy sonic horizon along with the layered vocals and glowing ambiance is married perfectly to create a stunning composition. The Bergamot show a truly consumate composition and captivating production. Breakdown is a song that will make you feel a mixed sentiment of melancholic joy and nostalgia.

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